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Strategic change in family firms 

In an environment that is constantly changing, it is now more than ever crucial for family firms to implement strategic changes. In this research project, a collaboration between the University of Antwerp and Hasselt University, we unravel how family firms can strategically change in a successful way.    



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Family firms and their employees: a success story?

Family firms are often regarded as good, stable employers. But does this specific HR policy in family firms also lead to a success story for strategic changes?

Tacit knowledge: an advantage or a stumbling block for change?

How does a company know which changes and innovations are needed? In order to discover opportunities, the company must be able to gather knowledge. However, this may be tacit knowledge.

KPIs: useful info, but how do you get the most out of it?

In every organization, there are a number of processes that assist in collecting information and converting this infor-mation into knowledge. However, this knowledge must then actually be used in the company.

Growth problems due to financing constraints: a solution?

Limited access to external financing is a problem that many companies face. This problem hinders their growth. But is there a solution?

The impact of COVID-19 on strategic change

In 2020, family firms were confronted with an extra challenge: the COVID-19 crisis. As a result, they are being tested and challenged more than ever to rethink their business operations.

The project

Strategic changes are necessary to guarantee the continuity of a company. But how do family firms deal with these changes? To unravel this, Hasselt University and the University of Antwerp have set up a large-scale research project.

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast. You have to have a strategy, but if you don't have the culture to implement that strategy, forget it."
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